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To view and print the approved color schemes for your Association please follow the directions listed below:
1. Log onto and click the "Color Palette Archive" link located at the bottom of the home page or click HERE. This will take you to a new screen with easy step-by-step directions to locate your community and approved color schemes.
2. Step 1: Enter the street address, city and state or zip (as shown above) and click "Search" button. Choose your association from the list that comes up.
3. Step 2: Select from the "Approved Color Schemes" listed to view colors.
4. Step 3: Once you have chosen your desired scheme you can view it in a pdf format and/or order color chips. The pdf will also any special notes.
Pre-Approved Tree List
Tree Management Guidelines
Tree Reference Guide
Eucalyptus Under Planting List
Vista Paint Colors Website