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Management Messages

Lagoon Performance
It has come to Management and the Board’s attention that some residents have expressed interest in pursuing a waiver system, which would allow persons over the age 18 to enter the lagoon during times of safety closure when the lifeguards have closed due to the drains not being visible from the deck. We understand and sympathize with your concerns. It is not enjoyable for anyone (especially the lifeguards!) when the decision must be made to take a safety break or close the lagoon to swimmers.
The maintenance team has worked very hard to improve the filtration system and water quality of the entire community, but in particular have focused on the lagoon. Since July, the lagoon has operated at near 100%, with brief closures taking place between 2-4 times within each month.
During holiday weekends when the lagoon was at peak use, with an estimated use of over 600 residents and guests, we are pleased to report that the lagoon remained open for the majority of the time, with only brief safety closures. Management has been in contact with surrounding facilities such as SAMLARC (Rancho Santa Margarita) and Woodbridge Village Association in Irvine, both of which have swimming lagoons. Both facilities have routinely been faced with similar closures during high use, and neither community allows a waiver system.
Management and the Board consulted with the Orange County Department of Health and Association legal counsel, regarding the lagoon closure requirements:
California Code of Regulations 65527 provides: “The re-circulation and purification system shall be operate and maintained so as to keep the pool water clean and clear. Under no circumstance shall  the pool be used if the main drain is not clearly visible from the deck. Such a pool shall be closed and shall not be reopened until the water is clean and clear, and upon specific written approval of the enforcing agent. If the pool drain is still not visible 48 hours following inspection and closure by the enforcing agent, the enforcing agent may order the pool drained as a safety precaution.
The Board consulted directly with the Orange County Department of Health and legal counsel and was advised that use of the phrase, “under no circumstance shall” as modifying “use of a pool”, set forth at 65527 above, is a clear indication by the Legislature that the provisions of Health and Safety code 115920 et. Seq., and the California Code of Regulations pertaining to same, cannot be waived. This interpretation is further reinforced by the directive in 65527 that, “Such a pool shall be closed and shall not be reopened until the water is clean and clear. Further, it is notable that no distinction is drawn as between adults and children. In other words, the law is unequivocal in that no person  shall use a public pool unless the water contained therein is clean and clear.
The Lake Forest Community Association staff thanks all residents for their concerns and their understanding. The staff did a fantastic job this past summer and they look forward to many more years of good times, fun events, and great people at the Lake Forest Beach and Tennis Club.
Julie Carter, CMCA
General Manager
Lake Forest Community Association