Lake Forest
Minutes and Agendas
Please click HERE for the February 17, 2021 Board Meeting agenda. 
Click HERE for the Board of Directors Nominations Procedures Notice for the 2021 Annual Meeting.
Click HERE for the Call for Candidates for the 2021 Annual Meeting. 
Click HERE to download a copy of the 3-year (non-voting) proxy if you have lost your ballot or wish to vote for quorum purposes only. 
If you would like to participate and speak to the Board in Open Homeowner Forum, you must fill out a Request to Speak form and submit it PRIOR to the meeting. Click HERE for the form and email or with your request. 
If you need assistance or tips on using Zoom, please click HERE. 
Click HERE to be redirected to the private Elite Property Services website to review past agendas. 
Agendas are also posted on the clubhouse bulletin board the Friday preceding the Wednesday meeting.