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Clubhouse Renovation Committee

Greetings from the Clubhouse Renovation Committee.   For those of you who may not be aware of us, we are a committee made up of volunteer association members, Elite employees, and HOA board members.  Our purpose is to assist the board and the population of the HOA with making informed decisions about the remodeling of our clubhouse and grounds.   The committee itself has no decision making authority but acts as an intermediate step to process information and review alternatives which are then presented to the board and the members accordingly. 
This communication will be the first in a series of reports to keep the membership of the Lake Forest Beach and Tennis Club apprised of key aspects of the process and certain milestones.   We will also be informing you of opportunities to provide feedback on the many alternatives we will be reviewing in the various stages of the process. 
As a whole, these types of community projects take years to complete.  We are fortunate our club remains in very workable condition and we have no reason for any acceleration of the timetable.  This will give us, the board, and ultimately the membership time to come to informed, fiscally disciplined decisions about what and how this renovation will be completed.   
We will be using the monthly newsletter and the website as the primary mediums to present our status reports.  For those of you who are interested keep an eye out for them in those venues.  In the next few months we will be issuing an update on the initial phases of the project including the selection of qualified architects, construction management, and other professionals as needed, as well as some of the compliance requirements which are dictated by federal, state, and local government agencies. 
Thanks for your attention and look for our upcoming communications and status reports.
The Clubhouse Renovation Committee